Okay, to be fair, it is a strategy. It’s just a terrible one.

Let me back up for a moment…

The reason for this post is simple: I’ve seen too many talks and articles stating that the path to success in game development is to ‘make a great game’. While there is some truth in that, I think it’s harmful to tell students and prospective devs that if they just make a great game, everything will work out in the end. It devalues the time and effort needed to launch a successful title, and downplays the amount of investment companies need to make in planning, building, and supporting their marketing, community, and social strategies.

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Earlier this month I was invited to speak at the Game Developers of Wellington on the topic of using Social Media to Network & Promote Yourself.  You can now catch (most of) the talk online! I managed to out-talk the memory stick, so apologies for the abrupt cut off near the end.

Interested in hearing me speak about something specific in a future talk or livestream? Drop me a line in the comments below, or via Twitter @boopsocial!

Looking to learn more about using social media? In the Wellington area? JOIN US!

I’ll be talking about using social media to network & promote yourself at the September Game Developers of Wellington Meetup. I’ll be discussing tips, tricks, and personal anecdotes. It’ll be fun!

From the official description:

JUST DO (MORE OF) IT: Using social media to network & promote yourself (even if you’re not Shia levels of intense)

Fantastic special guest speaker Lucy Morris touched on the importance of using social media to network, promote and amplify your message. Now overly-enthusiastic American and past game industry Sr. CM Tara Brannigan (PikPok, Xbox, PopCap) will provide an overview on the do’s and don’ts of communicating online. Whether you’re just looking to meet other game devs and network, or wanting to promote your game(s) online, this crash course should provide valuable info on getting started and growing your presence in a genuine way.

When: Tues, 1 Sept 2015 – 6:00PM
Where: Victoria University School of Design – 139 Vivian St., Wellington NZ
Who should attend: Anyone who is interested! You don’t need to be a GDOW member to attend.
Cost: Free!

RVSP now: http://www.meetup.com/Game-Developers-of-Wellington/events/224603759/ 

Note: Originally posted on Medium – https://medium.com/@kindofstrange/game-industry-101-the-power-of-online-networking-e59edcdb2f4e

The game industry can be a wonderful place, filled with amazing people, making an insane amount of creative content year in and year out. It’s also a much smaller place than many people realize.

For industry veterans, it’s not at all uncommon to have worked with some of the same people over the course of many years, at a variety of companies. For those looking to get into the industry, this can be incredibly daunting as personal recommendations can make or break an applicant’s chance of success in finding a role, let alone actually getting one.

Luckily, the opportunity to connect online can be an incredible way to start building one’s connections. You don’t necessarily have to be in a big city to start reaching out to other developers and building real relationships. So jump on in, give it a go, and see where it can take you!

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