Sometimes a single tweet just isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to discuss a topic at length, or just go on a little Twitter rant. How do you ensure that others who might be joining in part way through can quickly and easily see the full conversation?

Easy: Reply to yourself!

By using Twitter’s native conversation grouping feature, you can easily create a collection of tweets on a single topic.

In this instance, I’ve started a little conversation about my recent Patreon launch. At this point I’ve already replied to myself several times, as you can see by the blue conversation line alone the left hand side of the tweets.

To add to the converation, I simply click the reply button on the most recent tweet in the conversation.

About to reply to one of my previous tweets

You’ll note that it auto-populates with my personal twitter handle @kindofstrange. You can leave your handle in there if you want, but it looks a bit weird and eats up valuable character space. I always make a point to delete it before writing my next response.

Replying to my own tweet, deleting my handle from the new tweet

Once the response is ready, simply post it like any other tweet. It will be added into the conversation thread. Now when it appears in the feed, it should appear as a grouped conversation.

How a conversation thread appears in the feed

This provides additional context, and allows those just joining to expand out the larger conversation by clicking on the ‘more replies’ link. This can be extremely valuable when you want to create a larger conversation, are livetweeting a specific topic, or just want to provide additional context over a longer span of time.

Like… say… when you find yourself on the losing side of a dare and obligated to livetweet your Sex and the City 2 experience. *shudder*

Threaded tweet example

Note: This really only works well for people viewing the feed through the native Twitter app, or desktop view.

Easy enough, eh? Now go forth, and create great Twitter conversations!


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  1. Hi, Tara.
    Thanks for this very clear explanation. While talking to oneself seems a bit strange, I can see where it could be very useful — especially for followers who would otherwise have a great deal of difficulty putting the pieces of a one-person narrative together. It also makes sense as a way of making it easier for the author to find a series of related posts at a later date. I’ll have to try this!

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