Say you’re trying to find an older post on Facebook. You know you tagged your friend in the post, but that’s all you have to go on. How do you find that post again?

One way to accomplish this is to use the ‘See Friendship’ option.

My friend Andrew has a thing for cars. At one point last year, Andrew made the mistake of stating he had too many ‘wheeled things’. I screencapped the message, posted it, and said I’d resurrect the thread when he bought another car. Because I’m a nice person who clearly isn’t motivated by pranks…


To be fair, he did manage to wait much longer than the stated week

Today the inevitable happened and he bought another car.  I knew the initial message was posted sometime last year. Given how many posts I make on a daily, let alone yearly basis, going back through all my posts manually just wasn’t an option. Enter: See Friendship.

First, I went to Andrew’s Facebook profile. From there, I clicked on the o’ so intuitive ‘three small dots’ button. The first option in that drop down menu: See Friendship!


Counter to what his cover photo might suggest, Andrew is *not* part of a mostly-boy band

By clicking that option, I am taken to a special page. This includes posts/photos you’ve tagged your friend in, posts/photos your friend has tagged you in, and any posts in which both of you are tagged by a third-party.


From here I just scrolled down a bit, and voila! I found last year’s post. I was able to repost it almost immediately after he announced the arrival a shiny new wheeled thing.


Because really, what’s a good setup if you don’t follow through?

Advanced Option

If you know someone’s Facebook url off of the top of your head, it’s much quicker to access the friendship page directly. To do this, simply enter the url:

In my case, this would be:

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Andrew, who allowed me to use this example in illustrating this feature! Andrew is one of the founders of Automation Game, and has some pretty solid reasons for loving cars. Or at least one of the best business justification that I’ve ever seen.


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