As a follow-up from my Status Report Templates post, I thought it’d be a good idea to cover reporting individual issues into your team. While a weekly or monthly summary is great for highlighting the more general issues, sometimes you need to quickly communicate issues back into the team individually, or with more direct information. These are often communicated via a quick email, and generally contain either a single (high or critical severity issue), or a collection of 3-5 of the most relevant individual issues.

Audience: Community Managers, Social Media Managers
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If you’re working in social media or community management, reporting your progress and general status back into the larger team can be hugely beneficial. While keeping in contact with key members of the team on a day to day basis is absolutely critical, summarizing the state of the community on a regular basis can help ensure the larger team is kept in the loop and has an opportunity to more directly participate.

To that effect, here are a few basic report templates. Feel free to use, adapt and modify for your personal needs!

Note: While not included in these examples, if you’re able to use visuals in your reports: DO IT. Visual content, be it screenshots, growth charts, etc. adds substantially to the readability and visual interest of your report.

Looking for a basic content calendar to get you up and running?

Feel free to snag mine and modify as you’d like! These are intended to serve as a basic building block for building out your own content strategy, so feel free to download, modify, and use as you see fit.

Note: I’ve included additional cells for the Localization content calendar, so you can add whatever additional languages you’d like to support. Just make sure that if you’re adding additional rows for the Twitter section to copy + paste both the language and the character count rows as one. The formatting can get a little finicky if you attempt to do it separately.

Feel free to use however you’d like, no purchase needed. Just make sure to give me credit with a link back to my site if you post them elsewhere, and send people my way if you think they’d like what I do, s’aright?