When building your business it’s tempting to use any and all methods to gain a leg up on the competition. It’s rough out there for new businesses, and every bit can make a difference. When establishing your business online, you may be tempted to apply this to the realm of reviews. By kicking off with a few pristine 5-star reviews from you and/or your staff, you’ve set the stage for a great public reception, right?

Don’t do that. That’s what we call, a ‘dick move’.

But why, you might ask?

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Yesterday I received a little prompt at the top of one of the Facebook fan pages that I manage.

Instant Replies on Facebook

As part of their new features for fan pages, Facebook has released a new Instant Replies function. What does this mean? Well, in short it means that the Facebook Inbox is now considerably more useful as a customer support tool. Now when someone messages your page, you can automatically send them an instant reply. Why is this useful?

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