I’m honored to be teaching a weekend workshop up in Auckland, NZ over at the award winning Media Design School!

From the official description:

“Community management is integral to engaging and retaining a good relationship with an international customer-base, however big or small your business may be! Join Tara Brannigan, Community Manager at Wipster (formerly Customer Relationship Manager at PikPok games), as she shows you the best way to plan, create, and manage your community on social media!

Part philosophy, part best-practices, this course is designed to set you up for success in developing a comprehensive social media and community engagement strategy”

Interested? Register now for the early bird discount!


If you’ve already registered to attend, please drop me a line either in the comments or over on Twitter @kindofstrange and let me know what you’re looking to achieve over the course of the workshop. I want to ensure that everyone who attends has a great experience, so please feel free to reach out and drop me a line!