So you’ve got a great new Facebook fan page and you’d like to share it with the world on your website, promotional materials, business cards, and more.

Something like, say: 

That URL is little long to fit onto a business card easily, right? Particularly if you’re like me and a little obsessed with making sure the text length feels ‘balanced’ in relation to everything else on the card.

There’s a super easy solution, and one that’s easily overlooked if you’ve never seen it. Simply use the shortened url.


Facebook automatically redirects the shortened URL. As long as you’re using the correct string after the / (in this case ‘boopsocial’), the link should redirect to the full without issue.


Using the URL


BONUS: You can also use if you’re really strapped for characters!


Looking for a basic content calendar to get you up and running?

Feel free to snag mine and modify as you’d like! These are intended to serve as a basic building block for building out your own content strategy, so feel free to download, modify, and use as you see fit.

Note: I’ve included additional cells for the Localization content calendar, so you can add whatever additional languages you’d like to support. Just make sure that if you’re adding additional rows for the Twitter section to copy + paste both the language and the character count rows as one. The formatting can get a little finicky if you attempt to do it separately.

Feel free to use however you’d like, no purchase needed. Just make sure to give me credit with a link back to my site if you post them elsewhere, and send people my way if you think they’d like what I do, s’aright?

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The message is clear: Facebook is making a huge investment in video content.

Every year Facebook holds a big developer conference where they announce their newest features, updates, and tips for getting the most out of the upcoming changes. On day one of this year’s F8 Conference, Facebook unveiled a suite of changes to the way they display, surface, and otherwise support the surge in video content.

If you’re invested in the success of your brand or business on Facebook you’ll know that the individual user’s feed is Facebook actively filtered, surfacing content which is deemed relevant and engaging. With Facebook prioritizing video content as highly as they have from a development standpoint, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that they’re also helping to prioritize video content within the user’s feed.

Our initial experiments have shown a sizable increase in organic reach and engagement for video based content over Photo, or text only posts. But hey, don’t take our word for it: Try out the new features, see what works, and adjust your strategy accordingly! If you’re not already leveraging video content I think you’ll find it can make a huge difference to your overall success!

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