If you’re working in social media or community management, reporting your progress and general status back into the larger team can be hugely beneficial. While keeping in contact with key members of the team on a day to day basis is absolutely critical, summarizing the state of the community on a regular basis can help ensure the larger team is kept in the loop and has an opportunity to more directly participate.

To that effect, here are a few basic report templates. Feel free to use, adapt and modify for your personal needs!

Note: While not included in these examples, if you’re able to use visuals in your reports: DO IT. Visual content, be it screenshots, growth charts, etc. adds substantially to the readability and visual interest of your report.

I was recently asked for advice on what a company could do to make the lives of their Community Managers better. While I absolutely cannot claim to speak for everyone, I’ve put together a quick list of the top 5 considerations I think would provide significant value when thinking about and supporting your community team.

#1: Company Values

Have a strong, public list of company values, and reinforce those through public actions. I always appreciated a previous company that I worked for that made it very clear that they participate in pride parade, and that anyone who enjoyed their games was welcome. Making that public, making it clear that this was a company that supported diversity and wasn’t okay with bullying, etc was HUGE.

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