Say you’re trying to find an older post on Facebook. You know you tagged your friend in the post, but that’s all you have to go on. How do you find that post again?

One way to accomplish this is to use the ‘See Friendship’ option.

My friend Andrew has a thing for cars. At one point last year, Andrew made the mistake of stating he had too many ‘wheeled things’. I screencapped the message, posted it, and said I’d resurrect the thread when he bought another car. Because I’m a nice person who clearly isn’t motivated by pranks…

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I have never been a big fan of the Dresden Dolls. I don’t actively dislike them, but outside of their aesthetic they’ve never really done much for me. As a result, prior to reading this book my knowledge of Amanda Palmer was hand-wavvy at best. I knew of her TED talk, and witnessed some of the backlash against her Kickstarter, but outside of that I was pretty new to the Amanda Palmer experience. So when I started hearing such great things about her book, I decided to give it a go.

TLDR; It’s an entertaining, quick read filled with some fun (and less-than-fun) personal experiences & the lessons learned therein. Highly recommended for independent artists, or for those getting started with community management.

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Hashtags are a wonderful way to tap into larger trends, broaden the audience for a given piece of content, or add a bit of additional humor into your post. However, there is a dark side to the hashtag… Far too many become addicted to using them. They begin to cram every bit of available space with hashtags, even if they’re misleading or irrelevant to the content of the tweet. You know the sort, we’ve all seen them.

See how bloody annoying that is? Don’t be that person. (Apologies to the followers that had to see that from me)

Some quick tips to keep you from straying to the dark side of the tag…

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In a world of unlimited choice, making a great product is no longer enough. What sets you apart from other businesses in the same space? When a customer is able to do a quick online search and find hundreds of competitors, why should they choose your company?

Building a customer-centric culture is now more critical than ever before. Word of mouth marketing has always hinged on providing an exceptional customer experience. If your company isn’t considering the customer as a critical component, then how can you hope to make the right choices?  Choices that will drive the customer experience that leads to impassioned word of mouth recommendations?

Customer-centric cultures don’t happen on accident. So how can you get started in building one at your company?

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Twitter lists are a fantastic tool when used effectively. Unfortunately lists are also one of those features that you don’t discover until someone adds you to one. At that point it can be difficult to go back through the list of people who you’re following and categorize them into relevant lists. So if you’re just starting out on Twitter, keep this in mind and start establishing the practices that will make it easy for you to use this feature. And if you’re already following a bunch of people and have never used lists before? Fear not! You can still get a lot of use out lists, even if it might take a bit more effort to get started!

So what are Twitter Lists?

Twitter lists are a basic filtering or categorization mechanic for users on Twitter.

You can apply these to anyone on Twitter, even if you’re not following them. What those filters are depends on you! My Twitter lists are a mix of gamedevs, local groups, jewelers, and a few broader categories like ‘Awesome Ladies’.

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