So you’ve got a great new Facebook fan page and you’d like to share it with the world on your website, promotional materials, business cards, and more.

Something like, say: 

That URL is little long to fit onto a business card easily, right? Particularly if you’re like me and a little obsessed with making sure the text length feels ‘balanced’ in relation to everything else on the card.

There’s a super easy solution, and one that’s easily overlooked if you’ve never seen it. Simply use the shortened url.


Facebook automatically redirects the shortened URL. As long as you’re using the correct string after the / (in this case ‘boopsocial’), the link should redirect to the full without issue.


Using the URL


BONUS: You can also use if you’re really strapped for characters!


A quick tip on starting a tweet with an @:

If you begin a tweet with an @, only people who follow both you AND the account you’re mentioning will be able to see it in their feed.


If you want your tweet to be seen by everyone that follows your account, just make sure that you include something prior to the @. This can be anything from an intro word such as ‘Hey @account’, or if you’re short on space, a simple . Example:

Simple, no?

Just remember: If you want everyone to see your tweet, make sure to include something prior to the @!

Also, thank you to the Game Developers of Wellington (@GameDevsofWelly) for allowing me to use their account in this example.